This was originally sent in an email to a friend. I am sure Friend won’t mind me sharing.

A few weeks ago we started to hear, dead on nightfall, a loud sound similar to a very sick duck start up, and continue throughout the night, all night, right outside the bedroom window, stopping dead on sunrise ( when the cockerels take over ). Following several sleepless nights, I managed to convince myself that the neighbours had erected a very clever solar powered (?) random-noise-emitter protection system for their fowl.

Went round to neighbours the following day on the pretext of being concerned for the wellfare of a potentially sick creature that they weren’t aware of, neighbours weren’t in, left a message with one of their visiting friends, dropping hint of inability to sleep, plus possibility that their clever protection system wasn’t working 100%. Might they like to pop round at their convenience to discuss ?

Then went for a quick stroll down the road. Rounded corner to where the old mill is located, and from the large pond in front came several identical sounds to those plagueing us.


Zut alors.

We think the neighbours are amused at our ignorance of weird sounding pond creatures. Difficult to tell.